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internet marketing

There is no guaranteed quick fix to gaining online marketing results. The technological aspect has defined parameters and capabilities, some of which are clear, and some, ambiguous.

Search engines give some information relating to the algorithms they may use in returning search results, but in most cases, conventional theories are based upon reverse-engineering of what is believed the search engines MAY use for search listing purposes.

There are numerous online marketing opportunities that will have different effectiveness for different businesses and industries.

search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves producing and maintaining a website that uses targeted keywords and programming code that is "search engine friendly". The rules are unclear, and the goalposts often move, but one thing remains constant: use commonsense when designing your website and both your customers and the search engines will find you, and importantly, like what they find.


Pay-per-click advertising is particulary cost-effective when your business or service has minimal online competition, relative to the potential sales value.

further information

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