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How often have you thought...

  • I waste too much time doing administration rather than making sales
  • I spend too many hours at work instead of doing the things I enjoy;
  • I know my business is inefficient, but I never have a chance to sort it out.
  • I'm "too close" to my business operations that I don't know where to start fixing things.
  • I have time to make SOME changes, but which ones will give me the greatest benefit, for the least cost?

What changes should you look at first?

Quite simply, look for the changes that will produce the most benefits, at the least cost, or more to the point, the highest net present value.

Put the right business processes in place

We can do this by helping you to:

  • Clarify your business objectives, upon which all your operational business decisions will be based.
  • Identify (based on cost-benefit analysis)  and scope the areas that should be addressed first
  • Map the existing business processes, identify the current inefficiencies, and determine the process changes that need to be made.
  • Develop and implementation plan for putting the business process changes in place.

Business Analysis

Business Processes

  • Requirements Specification
  • Fix old problems...BPR
  • Database Design
  • Software Solutions

Generic Processes

Membership Management


The Order Process


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